Basically Everything Is Wrong With The Bathrooms at Sochi (Storify)







Twitter is now one of the most important resources for journalists. Often stories can go viral on twitter before they get coverage from the major media. Twitter is a platform that allows for official quotes, almost like a 250 character press conference.

The Sochi Olympics is one of the most buzzed about events and is a constant trend on twitter. But unfortunately it’s not only the Olympic coverage that has gained traction. Many people had negative experiences with their hotels at the Olympics, and some (especially journalists) posted their stories. Therefore, many of the Olympics problems have been thrust into the spotlight.

Information can be given to a worldwide audience instantly and anyone can be a publisher. Storify offers a unique and easy way to sort through social media information and create a collage telling a cohesive story.

Storify provides an easy to use medium for collecting and publishing social media information. The layout is clean and allows for captions. Through twitter, Storify allows the collection of information straight from the source. There is a good reason popular websites such as Buzzfeed cover stories like Sochiproblems using the Storify format.


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