Why Do I Have A Blog? Because I Am A Journalist.

Since the dawn of the Internet, people have been spewing their opinions on blogs. The trend may have started with just a few tech savvy, outspoken individuals, but now blogging is more popular than ever. Just look at the latest tumblr statistics.

If you work hard, one day you may be as happy as this woman.

If you work hard, one day you may be as happy as this woman.

There are blogs for just about everything you could think of: birds, shoes, waterskiing, metaphysics… just type any random noun into Google and I guarantee you’ll find a blog for it.

Why has blogging got so big? Perhaps it has to do with our fame hungry culture, desperate for the attention of strangers. Maybe it’s for business, used a way of getting your name out. Regardless of the motives, blogging has become a significant part of our culture.

In the wake of the “Blog Revolution” many people now get there daily dose of info from a  variety of sources and individuals. In the olden days (10 years ago), people would gather info through common news sources such as radio, television and the paper.

Common forms of journalism have recently been losing their fight against the alternative news sources. I, for one, have a fear of entering the field of print journalism. The advertising losses have been mounting over the recent years and there are fewer jobs. This has created more competition among journalists, so publicity of utmost importance.

Blogs are one of the best ways to get your name out as a journalist. They demonstrate ability to write and display your passions and areas of expertise. A good blog can work just as well, if not better than an internship (especially if it’s unpaid).

Blogs can also be used as a medium for self-expression. If you’re a journalist under the strict rule of an editor who demands only straight news stories, a blog could be the only way to show your opinion writing to other employers. Who knows, you could be the next David Lee, who received his job at The BBC from his personal Blog.

Some blogs can also kickstart stories covered in mainstream journalism. They can hold eyewitness accounts of important events, or be the first to report on stories. If a blog story gets big enough, mass news organizations will often cover it.

For journalism students, blogging is especially important. We don’t know where the journalism world is headed, but if the current trends remain, online news sources will dominate. Plus, blogging allows students to get practice in the field of online journalism.

Though to many it may see like a “lesser form” of journalism, the good blogs still adhere to all the major rules such as fact checking, accountability and readability. Successful blog journalists still choose stories and angles, presenting them in an interesting and accessible manner. Some examples of great journalism blogs include Journalism.org, Common Sense Journalism and The Evolving Newsroom.

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